The best referrals you can receive are the comments of patients who have been through the program.

Here is what a few of our past clients have shared with us about their experience.

It was helpful. I learned to control pain without medication, and meeting and talking with others who experience pain is helpful.

D. W.

The staff is wonderful. My pain decreased tremendously, and now I am able to do so much more in my life than before I started the program.

M. G.

This is a great class and program. I felt understood and respected. At first I thought that I couldn’t get better – but I did.

P. M.

I felt that this really helped; learning to breathe right even helped my pain. I am now living with pain rather than spending my life fighting with it.

S. F.

It was great overall. It really helped my anxiety and I learned how anxiety and pain overlap.

K. H.

It helped me to find avenues outside of drugs to control my pain and helped me to see how much I was capable of.

M. Z.

I like that the people (staff) at the clinic are friendly, open and don’t judge you because you have pain. Seeing others improve helped me want to try harder. I was able to do without pain medication during my pregnancy.

J. Y.

This made a big difference in my pain and I feel like I can now manage it.

A. M.