Before seeking help with your pain management it is good to ask questions. Here are a few that we are frequently asked.

Admission to the program requires a referral from your primary care physician. Once the referral is made, we gather information from your health care providers and contact you to make an appointment. Clinic staff can help guide your physician through the process.

The doctors at Mid Valley Pain Clinic will not replace your primary care physician, but will work with them as part of the care team that you have in place to support your plan of treatment.

Mid Valley Pain Clinic staff do not prescribe medications. Your primary care provider continues to manage all medications, although we do assist with suggestions, evaluation and monitoring of medication protocols as needed. Medication is not the focus of our clinic, but it is often part of an overall pain management plan.

We do see patients with Medicaid insurance who are managed by the Marion/Polk County Community Health Program. If you have questions please feel free to call us. We may be able to help.

The program is ten weeks, but most patients wish it could be longer by the end of their involvement. The total time committed in the group portion of the program is about 30 hours, which is less than many similar programs. Depending on your own needs we may need to work with you for additional time outside the group setting.

We ask that patients make a commitment to completing the program before starting. Some people may not be able or willing to commit 30 hours to a pain management program, and we respect that. We want you to improve and ask you to put as much work into your improvement as we do. We do understant that circumstances may arise that would not allow you to attend your scheduled appointment. If you do not choose to complete the program, we will inform your physician and support your decision.